Gary Wiener is an eDiscovery and technology-assisted review (TAR) attorney, subject matter expert, trainer, technical ESI project manager and former trial lawyer. His combined 16 years of experience in the legal and eDiscovery industries gives him a thorough understanding of the litigation and trial processes and their electronic support requirements. Gary's skills as a public speaker, trainer and technology evangelist provide powerful, entertaining, and exciting messages communicating the importance of technology as a keystone of modern litigation practice.

Gary is seeking opportunities to work with progressive agencies, corporations, and law firms as a subject matter expert. On the "Resume" page, you can see Gary's most recent publications and presentations on various eDiscovery topics. 

Gary is also available to offer eDiscovery consulting services, including FRCP Rule 26(f) meet-and-confer conferences, management of litigation holds and data collection, and efficient review and production. 

Gary looks forward to hearing from you at his e-mail address: gary@garywiener.com.

As the lead eDiscovery instructor for Hewlett-Packard, Gary created and maintains the written training materials for H-P's suite of eDiscovery software modules. He pioneered H-P's use of onsite virtualized training environments to allow course attendees to receive hands-on eDiscovery training, even in the absence of an onsite implementation. Gary serves as an internal subject matter expert and has provided legal practice perspective and advice to H-P's training clients, software developers, and account executives.

Gary's recent experience has focused on developing effective strategies for managing electronic discovery, and helping clients use technology effectively in their law practices. Gary's passion for electronic document management stemmed from his years of experience as a trial lawyer, and the frustrations he experienced first-hand in managing and cataloging large document productions. After retiring from the practice of law, Gary decided to combine his passion for computer technology with his litigation experience, and to provide a unique but valuable perspective to today's litigation teams, who must manage larger document universes with each passing year.

Gary's technical expertise includes experience not only with consumer software, but with eDiscovery packages such as Summation, Concordance, IPRO eCapture, LAW, discover-e and Ringtail. Gary has a robust working knowledge of the requirements of modern litigation practice, from both the legal and technical sides, spanning every step of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, and is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topic of eDiscovery. He holds degrees in law and journalism from The University of Texas at Austin.